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Things to do with the liver.


and insensitivities.


Synonyms:—Interstitial hepatitis; sclerosis of the liver; hob-nailed liver; gin-drinker's liver; nutmeg liver.

Hepatic hyperemia

Congestion of the liver.


Hepatitis. An inflammation of the structure of the liver Acute Suppurative Hepatitis. Synonyms:—Acute hepatitis; hepatic abscess; abscess of the liver. Perihepatitis. A chronic inflammation in the capsule of the liver; capsular-cirrhosis.



Jaundice. Synonym:—Icterus. Catarrhal Jaundice. Synonyms:—Catarrh of the common bile duct; hepatogenous jaundice; Icterus catarrhalis. Icterus Neonatorum. Synonym:—Infantile jaundice. Acute Yellow Atrophy of the Liver. Synonyms:—Malignant jaundice; icterus gravis.



A sign of a problem with fat digestion.

Waxy liver

Synonyms:—Lardaceous liver; amyloid liver; amyloid degeneration of the liver; amyloid disease; albuminoid infiltration.

The yellow herbs of summer: Dandelion.


Henriette's herbal blog: The second in a series of yellow-flowering herbs - although it's the first you get to pick, of a summer.

Sweeteners vs. sugar.

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Henriette's herbal blog: Most if not all artificial sweeteners will mess up your blood sugar balance.

Hot vs. cold liver.

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Henriette's herbal blog: Michael Moore's liver energetics explained.

Liver energetics in alcoholics.

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Henriette's herbal blog: Not all deficient-looking livers are deficient.

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