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Easter eggs, part 2

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I like eating my food, not throwing it away.

I have a deadline for the "let's dye eggs with all kinds of foodstuffs" article now -- you remember, it's the one I talked about last year.

So I bought white eggs (not my normal OG brown ones), and lots of things to dye them with.

And I don't like to throw away good food. You dye the eggs by boiling them for a few hours with your food substance of choice and a bit of vinegar, and I'm not at all sure that the result is edible.

I'll be testing the edibility, of course, but meanwhile there's three, no four, blown eggs in the pan. Fry'em up, hmmm, there's something missing ... so I added some chopped-up bacon.

And realized, too late, that that's the wrong way around: you want to fry the bacon first, and add the blown eggs later. That way you get crisp nice bacon with almost soft eggs, instead of too soft bacon with rather too hard eggs.

Oh well, I have lots more eggs, and I'll do things the right way around tomorrow.

Later today it'll be "let's chop up and fry lots of red'n'yellow onions and put them into the freezer" day, cos I need the onion peels.

Today or tomorrow will be the "let's peel a lot of golden delicious apples" day, cos I need the peel to dye eggs. Dunno if there'll be any need to freeze peeled cored sliced-up apple, though: I expect that the apple will disappear fast enough.

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