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Peeing water.

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Oh, so that's what that is.

I've bought Paul Bergner's - actually the NAIMH's - Actions and Formulations -CD set.

It's all about the physiomedicalist approach.

And I've been idly listening through the first few CDs over the last few days.

And on CD 3, under "Effects on moisture", Paul says:
"For dryness. (...) you're dry and thirsty and you drink a glass of water and you pee out a glass of water three minutes later. That's dry."


And he says that demulcents help. Such as mallow teas and the like.

I've always put that down to kidney deficiency (which is true to Michael Moore's energetics), where kidney strenghteners help. Which of course also is true, for that paradigm.

But that'd explain why I don't like to drink herbal teas all that much, myself. Most of the ones I have are astringent (like the nettle - raspberry leaf - peppermint - fireweed leaf combo I've been drinking lately), and astringents are always drying. I'll add mallow leaf to my herbal teas and see if I like them better ...

... course, mallow leaf adds "body" to herbal teas, making them sorta kinda nicer-tasting. To me. Which I'll just note under "things that make me go hmmm.".

Anyway, learn something new every day.