Chap. 060. Beets Common and White.

Botanical name: 

Beets, Green Common. Beets, White. I. The Names. This Plant is called by the Arabians, Decka, and Calab : by the Grecians, τύτλον, ὴ Σξὺλον, ab impulsu quod facile excrescat, because it comes up in few days after the Sowing, and then grows very fast till it comes to its bigness. In Latin, Beta, quoniam figuram literae dum femine turget referre videtur, because the figure of it being in Seed, is somwhat like to the Greek Letter Beta, as Columella observes. And in English, it is called, Beet.

II. The Kinds. Dioscorides makes a White and a Black : So also Theophrastus Hist. Plant. lib. 7. chap. 4, who says, Candida sapore nigra praestantior : So Pliny, lib. 19. chap. 8. Beta a colore duo genera Graeci faciunt, nigrum & Candidius. Parkinson is almost ...

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