This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.

differing from them in its Virtues. It has many long and narroto smooth Leaves lying upon the ground, not above an Inch broad, but about four inches long, like to those of the lesser Alkanet.

VII. The Places. The first tvso grow upon Stone Walls, and upon dry, ftony, and barren Grounds: the first has been found about front ignan near Mom-pelier in Prance, as Pena and Lobel say : The second Lobel obferved to grow in the Weft Countrey, in the way from Briftol and Bath to London. The Stone Buglofs grows in Rocky and Stoney Places.

VIII. The Times. The Wall Bugloffes flower in July, and sometimes in August ; and the Seed is ripe in the following Month. The Stone Buglofs is green all the Year ·, but its times of flowering and seeding (if it does so ) has not been as yet ob-ierved.

IX. The Qualities. Wall Buelofs is temperate, or rather cold and dry in the first Degree, astringent, Styptick, Traumatick or Vulnerary, Pectoral, Hepa-: tick and Alterative. Stone Buglofs is hot and dry' in the second Degree, Aperitive, Cleanfing, Hysterick, and Alterative.

X. The Specification. The Wall Bugloffes are peculiar Vulneraries for healing Green Wounds. And Stone Buglofs is a Specifick for the speedy Delivery of Women in Labor.

XI. The Preparations. The Wall Bugloffes have all the Prepartions and Virtues of the Wild Bugloffes, to which we refer you : But 1. The Juice. 2. The Essence. τ,. The Oil, have some peculiar Virtues. of the Stone Buglofs you may make also, I. A liquid Juice. 2. An Essence. 3. A Pouder of the Leaves* 4. A DecoSion.

The Virtues.

. XII. The liquid Juice of Wall Buglofs. Taken alone, or mixed with Honey, it stops Catarrhs, falling upon the Fauces and Lungs, and refills Fluxes of the Bowels : and being applied upon Inflammations, as a Phlegmon, Eryfipelas, &t. it cools them: inwardly taken, it is a good Traumatick.

XIII. The Essence of Wall Buglofs. It is astringent and Stiptick, stops Catarrhs, and all Fluxes of the Bowels ·, as also all Fluxes of sharp Humors, to old running Sores and Ulcers, and so renders them eafie of cure. Dose one ounce at a time, Morning and Evening, in any specifick Vehicle, as a mixture of Plantane and Poppy Water, an Infusion of Catechu in fair Water, c.

XIV. The Oil of Wall Buglofs. It is made by boiling the Leaves and Roots in Oil Olire to Crifp-ness, (fc. It admirably heals Green Wounds, abates Inflammations, and cures Burnings, being anointed upon the Parr, and also mixed with Barley Flower, and applied : Parkinson says, that this Oil cures S. Anthonies fire, but usually Oily and Greafie Bodies do mifchief in that case : to bathe with the liquid Juice is much better, and to apply over the Eryfipelas, Cloths often wet with the same : or a fott Cataplasm of the Juice mixt with Barley Flower.

Virtues of Stone Buglofs.

XV. The liquid Juice. It provokes the Terms in Women powerfully, and therefore ought not to be given to Women with Child, left it causes them to mifcarry: a spoonful or two of it may be given Morning and Evening in a Glass of White Wine.

XVI. The Essence. It has the Virtues of the liquid juice, and is very effectual to cause speedy Delivery to Women in Labor. It cleanses the Womb of all its fceculencies, refills Vapors, and

helps against Fits of the Mother. Dose one or two ounces in a Glass of Wine to Women in Travel.

XVII. The Pouder of the Leaves. It is good a-gainft Vapors and Fits of the Mother, and taken ad j. dram in Wine by Women in Travel, it facilitates and haftens the Delivery, for which it is said to be an excellent thing.: it has the Virtues of the Juice and Essence, and therefore ought not to be given to Women with Child.

XVIII. The Decoction in Wine. It has the Virtues of the Essence and Pouder, but not altogether so powerful.


I.'TP if ε Names. It is called in Greek, Λ^μάι-Μ, J. x) vivotiJU, by Dioscorides ·, so called, because it grows h haw*, in prat is riguis vel palu-ftribus : In Latin, Liwon1urn : and in English, Λίαφ or Sea Buglofs, and Sea Lavender.

II. The Kinds. Parkinson makes feven Kinds hereof : Mr. Ray, eleven : but we ( because here in this Book we trear^ciigfly of Engiifh Plants) lhall only defcribe thce'c: Kinds, viz. 1. Limonium majus vulgatius, the greater Common Marih or Sea Buglofs. 2. LimoT&gn. meS^m Anglicum, The Col-chefter Marfh Buglofs. Limonium Virginianum, which is the Lifnonia Congener Clufij, Virginian Marih Buglofs.

III. There has been some controverfie among An* thors about this Plant Limonium, fome will .have-what we here defcril e to be the true Limonium, which it is : others will have some other Plants to be it: Matthiolus defcribes two kinds, but maoe no fenfible diftinQion between them, nor yet told us which was the True, but as ignorant of the matter, speaks not a word of them ■, but to ceaie the


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