This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.

Nuifes, helps Coughs, and Hoarlhefs, and reitores in Consumptions, being very Stomatick (for Sto-maticks are indeed the greatest restauratives,)

XVI. The Collyrium. It is made of' the Juice mixed with Honey, and boiled to the thickness of a thin Syrup. Drop'd into the Eye, it clears the fight, and clears it of Clouds or Films, or any other matter which hurts it. It prevails against an Oph-thalmie, and heals Sores or Ulcers of the Eye, removing^ the weakness, and much strengthening the part arfecFed.

XVII. The Seel. If it is Bruised, and mixed with a fixth part of Muftard Sotd, and so drunk with Wine, it kills Worms in the Stomach or Bowels: it also expels Wind in die Bowels ; and eases the pains of the Ventricle caused from Acid, or Cold and Moist Humors. Dose one dram, Morning and Evening.

CHAP. CIV. CALAMINT Common and Small.

I. THE Names. It is called in Greek, κλχλ^β» X ( quafi bona vel utilis Mentha) in Latin, Calamintha: and in English, Calamint, or Mountain Mint.

II. The Kinds. It is chiefly twofold, 1. κ*λ«ί«νβ» koird, Calamintha vulgaris, Common Calamint of which in this Chapter. 2. ΚΛκα(Λν$η Calamintha agreftis, Field or Wild Calamint; of which in the next Chapter.

III. The Common Calamint, of which we here treat, is three fold, viz. 1. Calamintha vulgaris magna, The Great Common Calamint. 2. Calamintha Pnefantior, The greatest Calamint, which grows plentifully in our English Planrations in America. 3. Calamintha minor, The Lesser Calamint.

IV. The description. Our ordinary Calamint has a Root small and woody, with divers small twigs, or fibres, fpreading within the ground, not dying An-■ nually, but abiding many Tears ; from which Root rise up several square hoary and woody Stalks, about a foot high,seldom higher : The Stalks and Branches have two hoary Leaves set at a Joint, about the bigness of Marjoram, or not much bigger, a tittle dented about the edges, and of a very piercing and quick Scent, as the whole Herb is : The fkaers ft and at


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