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Nymphaea odorata

Nymphaea odorata

Nymphaea odorata Ait. Engl.: American white waterlily, sweet pond-lily, sweet-scented water lily, water cabbage, water lily, water nymph, white pond-lily. Bot. syn.: Castalia lekophylla Small, Castalia minor (Sims) Nyar, Castalia odorata (Ait.) Wood, Castalia odorata Greene, Castalia reniformis DC., Castalia spiralis (Raf.) Cockerell, Nymphaea maculata Raf., Nymphaea minor (Sims) DC., Nymphaea rosea Raf., Nymphaea spiralis Raf., Nymphaea tuberosa Paine.

No. 67. Nymphea odorata.

[image:28488 node=28561]Classic texts: Rafinesque 1830.

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