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Quassia amara

Quassia amara

Quassia amara L. Engl.: quassia-wood, Surinam quassia, bitter quassia, bitterwood, quassia. Deu.: Bitterholzbaum, Bitterquassia, Quassiaholz. Sven.: kvassia, kvassiaved, surinamkvassia. Pharm.: lignum quassiae.

287. Quassia.

[image:12270 node=7469]Classic texts: Sayre 1917.


Classic texts: HistVD, 1911.

Quassia for Pin Worms.

Classic texts: Journals: Ellingwood 1908.


Classic texts: Journals: AJP 1883. Willow Leaves in Ague, The Action of Quassin, Powdered Capsicum in Rheumatism, Asthma Cigarettes.

Photo: Quassia amara.

Taxonomy extra:
Characteristic leaf form. Kew Garden, London, UK. Greenhouse. 2004-06-03.

Photo: Quassia amara 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Plant. Kew Garden, London, UK. Greenhouse. 2004-06-03.

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