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Solidago odora

Solidago odora

Solidago odora Ait. Engl.: anisescented goldenrod, sweet-scented goldenrod, blue mountain tea, fragrant-leaved goldenrod, sweet goldenrod. Deu.: Süsse Goldrute, Anis-Goldrute. Bot. syn.: Solidago suaveolens Schoepf.

Solidago odora. Sweet scented Golden rod.

Botanical name:

[image:28278 node=28511]Classic texts: Bigelow 1817-1821.

No. 29. Cunila Mariana.

[image:28206 node=28255]Classic texts: Rafinesque 1828.

Solidago odora.

Botanical name:

Classic texts: Scudder's Materia Medica, 1898: Stimulants.

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