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Sonchus oleraceus

Sonchus oleraceus

Sonchus oleraceus L. Engl.: common sow-thistle, smooth sow-thistle, annual sow-thistle, common annual sow-thistle, milk-thistle, sow-thistle. Deu.: Kohl-Gänsedistel. Suom.: kaalivalvatti. Sven.: kålmolke, mjölktistel, kålmjölktistel. Fran.: laiteron potager, chardon blanc, laiteron, laiteron annuel, laiteron âpre, laiteron commun, laiteron lisse. Span.: achicoria dulce. Bot. syn.: Sonchus ciliatus Lam.

Sow thistle and appetite.

Botanical name:
Archives: Best of the Herbal Forums: 03.2003.

Photo: Sonchus oleraceus.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plant. Bisbee, AZ, US. Wild. 1998-05-01.

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