On the medicinal herblist in Jan99,

by Henriette

>Allergies are not always a digestive problem or a lung problem! What about contact dermatitis? Some food allergies are activated by the offending food hitting the throat, before digestion has a chance, and food allergies in some people are activated just by close proximity, like a walnut being cracked in the same room, or the allergy sufferer being a few feet away from cooked shellfish.

Allergic responses (and mosts autotoxic issues) are generally a result of blood load. Ie., you're out in the woods while Junipers are flowering AND you eat shellfish OR you're in day 25 of your monthly cycle -> allergic reactions.

Just before menses women have a higher blood load than at other times. Why? Because that's the anabolic part of the cycle. Heavily so, the last week.

Keep your blood clean by

  • a) ensuring good digestion, especially of fats (1)
  • b) make sure your liver's happy (2)
  • c) do anti-inflammatory herbs (nettles, eyebright, mullein - -that- list is endless)
  • d) make sure you've a good blood charge (3)
  • e) avoid any foods you might be allergic to (4)

(1) if you don't digest fat well you've got unorganized fat globules in your blood. These don't have a good blood charge, and thus attract other blood particles. That again makes for a higher blood load - dirty blood.

(2) if your liver isn't taking care of incoming dirt it'll be pushed back out into the blood for another turn (do not collect 200$). Dirty blood.

(3) there's a couple herbs will give you a good blood charge, thus avoiding aggregates and such. One example is Ceanothus.

(4) food allergies -do- upset your digestion. Dirty blood.

If you have dirty blood you need only -this- much to tip you over into an allergy response. If, on the other hand, your digestion, your liver and your blood charge all work good, you need far more before you get an asthma attack, a rheumatoid arthritis flareup, or a rash (just a couple of examples).