A Herbal Medicine Distance Course

Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 1

Come learn herbal medicine with this marvellous distance course!

You can start whenever you like. The course takes a year and 9 months.

You get materials by mail, but some extra parts are avialable online.

You will learn the causes behind various problems. You can for instance learn how to remedy menstrual problems, digestive upsets, sleeplessness, hemorrhoids, chronic sinusitis, or eczema, if you know why somebody has these problems.

You'll use herbs a lot, and document your uses. You can help relatives or friends, or use the information gained in your current job as a therapist.

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Said about the course

  • This course has been absolutely fantastic and it has given me so much, that I'm actually sad that the course ended. - Susanna
  • Thank you for the course. The materials are very easy to read! - Jenni
  • The material was interesting, well-put together and easy to understand. - Susanna
  • ... it is crammed with really useful information and presented very accessibly. - Nikki

About the course

You get a new theory booklet every three months. You also use one freely chosen herb every month.

The seven parts of the course

Part 1: Digestion. Basic recipes. Herbs.
Part 2: Liver, skin, mucosa. Nutrient deficiencies. Herbs.
Part 3. Reproductive system. Humoral theory. Herbs.
Part 4. Thyroid. Stress. Active constituents. Herbs.
Part 5. Lymphatic system. Immune system. Circulatory system. Herbs.
Part 6. Respiratory system. Musculosceletal system. Herbs.
Part 7. Urinary tract. Botany. Herbs.

The Herbs

Try at least one herb a month. Find information about the herb, taste it, make things from it, and document how it works (or didn't work). Do it like this:

Take a herb worksheet from the distance course website, or take one of the printed ones, that you got by mail.

Borrow herbals from the library or take some from your own bookshelf. Find information about the herb you chose and write things down in the theory part of the herb worksheet. Write as much or as little as you like. (The more you write, the more feedback you get. I particularly like to debunk myths in herbal cautions.)

Make things with your herb. Teas, tisanes, tinctures, syrups, vinegars, oils, salves, compresses ... whatever you like. You can also chew on the herb, the roots, the flowers, the leaves. The important part is to use the herb.

Document things in the practical part of the herb worksheet. Write down what you made, how you made it, where you got the recipe from, what part you used, dried or fresh, and so on.
Write down how they worked (or didn't work).

The herb worksheet helps organize the information. You get printed worksheets by mail, but they are also available as .pdf, OpenOffice and Word -documents.

Send the herb worksheets to me, by email. I'll add comments to them.


There is one zoom session a month, except for December and July.

I will record the sessions and put them online. (Sometimes (rarely), there will be no recording.)

You can continue to attend zoom-sessions, even after you have received your diploma.


There is a facebook group, an email discussion list and a discord group. They will all be available to you even after you got your diploma.

Distance course website

You'll find the theory booklets, the herb worksheets, and maybe other extra texts on the website.


You get a diploma when you have finished all seven parts, sent at least 21 herb worksheets, sent feedback on all seven parts, and sent in the humoral theory exercise.


The full course is 900 $ (USD) or 710 £ (GBP) or 800 € (EUR).

In parts:
- $ 142 per part, for a total of $ 994.
- £ 112 per part, for a total of £ 784.
- € 127 per part, for a total of € 889.

The price in euros is fixed, the others will change if the currency exchange rates change a lot.

Group discounts are available! The more friends, relatives, acquaintances or total strangers you can get to do the course with you, the greater the discount for all of you.

Pay with paypal, or, in the EU, with a bank transfer.

In $ (US dollars):

The whole course or just one part:

In £ (GBP):
The whole course or just one part:

In € (Euros):
The whole course or just one part:

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Herbal medicine distance course

Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 1 Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 2 Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 3 Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 4 Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 5 Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 6 Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 7              Kansi: Etäopiskele yrttiterapiaa, osa 1. Pärm: Distanskurs i örtterapi del 1. Book: Practical herbs. Book: Practical herbs 2. Collecting cards and book: Practical herb cards. Collecting cards: Practical herb cards 2.