Part 1: Digestion. Basic recipes. Herbs.

Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 1 A herbal medicine distance course, part 1, contents.

The printed booklet consists of 60 pages.

1.1. The Digestion

30 pages about the digestion, version 12Apr2024.

A working digestion
The structure and function of the digestive tract
   The upper digestive tract
   The lower digestive tract
Various problems caused by food
Symptoms of digestive problems
Common causes of digestive problems
   1. An underactive digestion
     An underactive digestion and food allergies
   2. Food sensitivities
   3. Antibiotics and digestion
   4. Gall bladder problems
   5. Major dietary changes and the digestion
   6. Working in a kitchen and the digestion
   7. Stress and the digestion
Herbs for the digestion
The body and food sensitivities
Other digestive problems
   Acid reflux, heartburn
   Vomiting in kids
   Colic in babies
   Let's talk poo
Crossword puzzle: digestion
Constitutional intake form

1.2. The recipes

30 pages with basic recipes. Version 12Apr2024.

For internal use

Herbal teas
   Notes on herbal teas
   Infusion: a normal herbal tea
   A maceration: a long infusion
Herbal vinegars
Oxymel: honey vinegars
Herbal honeys
   A herbal honey paste
Herbal syrups
   Herbal syrup candy

For external use

Herbal baths
Sugar and salt scrubs
Straining liquids
Infused herbal oils
Herbal salves
Lip balms
Poultices and compresses
  Lämmin kuiva pakkaus
Herbal salts
Bread spreads
Buying things

Feedback, part 1
Herbs in part 1

1.3. Herb information sheet

An 8-page mini booklet. Version 12Apr2024.

Distance students get 10 herb information sheets in their first mailing, with an option for more if they use them to do their monthly herbs.
The info sheets are available on the distance course website in various formats: a Word .docx (to be filled in on a PC), an OpenOffice .odt (to be filled in on a PC), and as a PDF (to be printed and filled out by hand).

Updated 12Apr2024.

Herbal medicine distance course

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