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Anniversary: Medicinal herbfaq

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The first of the 10 year anniversaries due this year.

Woohoo, it's the 10th anniversary of the first posting of the medicinal herbfaq!

Cool, innit?

Let's pop some balloons, fire some champagne bottles, and have a lot of fun celebrating. Dibs on the soap bubbles!

... for those interested, soap bubbles still work in -20 C. They float off, and while they cool off the warm air inside goes all foggy. I'd do a pic but, hey, a pic in -20 C, fast enough to catch a soap bubble before it pops is no easy matter, especially as we have -20 C in the mornings right now (as I write this - a week or so before you read it), not in the middle of the day when I'd be dressed for the weather.