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Anniversary year

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Upcoming celebration: August 2005: 10 year anniversary.

In 1992 I went online (on a friend's account) and found alt.folklore.herbs (AFH; overrun by trolls, spammers and other such ilk, these days), and the medicinal herblist (I've run this list since 1997 or so, after the previous listowner abandoned it).

In 1994 I got my own internet account and promptly made a FAQ for AFH.

In 1995 ibiblio (it was called back then) asked if I'd like unlimited (for all practical purposes) free WWW and FTP space on their servers; content would be up to me, they'd do the backend bits - sysadmining and such. A rudimentary knowledge of a unix shell would be necessary - no trouble, as I'd been playing around with unix mainframes at the U of Helsinki anyway.
So I said "of course, thank you very much". In those days there was no commercial web hosting, and today there simply wouldn't be a Henriette's herbal homepage without that offer.

In August 1995 Henriette's herbal homepage went live.

That's 10 years ago, come August.

Mmmm. Celebrations. Balloons. Fancy homepages. And things.


Well - I, for one, am VERY appreciative of the offer made to you some 10-years ago! I simply can not imagine the void I would be feeling without Henriette’s herbal homepage. So, thank you Henriette and ibiblio for this gracious gift to the herbal world!

I'd like to thank Henriette for All Her Hard Work over the last 10 years that have made Henriette's Herbal Homepage the wonderful Infomation source that it is.

I'd also like to thank ibiblio (sunsite) for hosting this wonderful site.

Here's hoping for another 10 years...:)