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Chamomile love.

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A month or three ago, a little one had irritated, red eyes that were all gummed up of a morning.

A simple chamomile compress cleared it up:

a clean glass, dash of water, 3-5 drops of chamomile tincture, pour onto two separate folded pieces of clean cloth or clean paper towels, put one over each eye (don't touch the part that goes on the eye itself!), leave on for as long as said little one will hold still for it. Which was about 10 minutes at a time, as this soothed her itching eyes.

The problem was gone within a day.

Gotta love chamomile.


A week or five ago, a little one woke up early, crying that she was hungry, and, when given a piece of banana (our kitchen isn't all that up to scratch at 6 am), got sick. Clean the floor, change clothes, snuggle and try to sleep, all of a sudden she's Sick. With a large S. Change clothes, go take a shower with the little one, change the bedsheets, clean the floor, go get a bucket (it'll be back ...), snuggle the little one. Give her water to drink, gotta have her stay hydrated.

Get the herbalist on, try chamomile tea. Two minutes after chamomile tea (unsweetened! sugar and honey aren't good for upset tummies.) she's off the "ooooh my tummy hurts" limpness and starts to smile. Five minutes later, "Can I have some more chamomile tea, I feel sick coming on.". Ten minutes after that, "Can I have some more chamomile tea, I feel sick coming on."

No more vomiting after the chamomile tea, and no tummy ache.

Gotta love chamomile.


Miska S.:
I always put chamomile tea on irritated eyes and it always helps in a day. It's also great for animals, and for skeptic friends I've recommended chamomile because it's even easier to use than pharmacy's eye drops. Now all my friends use chamomile for eyeproblems and they're less skeptic for herbs!

James S.:
I agree. Chamomille is great for eyes and so widely available. I recommend it for styes and chalazions. If people actually go get a tea bag and try it, they always report success.

James P.:
yep, Chamomile, eyebright, and have also had great luck with green tea!