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Chamomile is for those who complain without suffering.

Most books and articles only mention the flowers of chamomile (Matricaria recutita), and most health food stores only stock the flowers. That's strange, as the greens of chamomile are perfectly good medicine, if a bit less potent.
And it's much easier to pick and dry the plants, rather than the flowers.

Chamomile tea is very good in kid's colic, but you can use it in adult gut cramps as well. Chamomile removes the craving, need, shouts for attention, which makes it even better in most of the things that trouble small children (and some older people). It's calming, and can be drunk as an evening tea. It's excellent for those who complain without suffering. Because chamomile is so potent an anti-inflammatory it can be used for things like urinary tract infections - and allergies.

1 teasp. dried chamomile
2 dl boiling water
Pour water over herb, let steep 5-10 minutes, strain, let cool to drinkable, drink. This should not be sweetened for gut troubles, but you can add honey or sugar for its other uses. Not that it needs sweetening, but shrug.

Pineapple weed (Matricaria matricarioides) can be used like chamomile. You can use the green parts of this one, too.

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Chamomile tincture - ideally made with brandy - combined in equal parts with rescue remedy has proven an excellent topical/internal for my teething little boy. Eases the paina nd the irritability. I've also made (for us big folk) Chamomile ale ... mmmm. And Chamomile is divine infused in hot apple cider... and if you (egad!) smoke, you can cut your tobacco with apple bark & leaf and chamomile...adds flavor and a nice "chamomile glow"...

How about sharing that ale recipe Jim?