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Chihuly at Kew

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Like, wow.

Whenever I'm in London I visit Kew. It's a great spot to dawdle away a day or three any time of the year, but, like, wow. They've got Chihuly glass sculptures there, right now.

The exhibition has been there from May 28, 2005 and will stay there until January 15, 2006.

If you are at all close you must go have a look. There's loads of glass things in the Princess of Wales Greenhouse (the new one, which is enormous on the outside and even bigger inside) and in the Temperate house (a greenhouse off towards the Pagoda). There's also some things floating around in the pond in front of the Palmhouse (the big greenhouse near the Victoria gate entrance).

The glass in the pond is stunning. Here's just one piece, and that outdoors:
The boat in the pond.Pic: The boat in the pond.

The greenhouse installations are simply extraordinary. You look at a plant, trying to figure out what it is, or even taking a picture of it, and the glass sculpture right next to it is so well done that you don't even notice it. Until you take a closer look at that particular "plant", that is.

There's also things on poles and litter bags, and I expect that I've missed some.

Check out all the cool photos here.


I agree with you Henriette, they are magnificent. I attended one of the Chihuly exhibits at the St. Louis Metropolitan Art Museum about 8 years ago. In one of the rooms he made a glass forest inside! In another room it was filled with large hanging glass sculptue chandeliers that looked like huge twisted together lillies. His work is experiencial art. It must be experienced to be fully appreciated. I would love to see and experience this exhibit. Maybe the St. Louis Botanical Gardens can get it some day. From the lovely pictures you took the Kew and St.Louis Botanical Gardens have many similar features, so I am sure it would look great here also. Thanks for sharing the photos of the exhibit. I really enjoyed them.


I found this link with a video of the exhibit. Very nice!