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Cinnamon jar

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This is nifty!

Cinnamon jarI got this jar in the shop of the botanical garden of Gothenburg, back in June.

And I store my cinnamon sticks in it, of course. It's simply cool.

Of course, if I ever get bark'n'root-eating beetles (or similar), this one will be a goner, along with its contents. Until then, however, it has a heavenly scent. Mmm. Lovely!


I was an ornamental horticultural fan until my wife brought oregano,basil, and rosemary to our terrace garden. These plants have original shapes, textures, flowers and fragance. I know believe that a complete garden should have herbs for a wholesome serious effect. Regarding cinnamon, there is a tree in Puerto Rico that I know, it is a trip to fold a leave to feel the essence mostly seen in bark.

Mmm. Cinnamon leaves fresh off the tree. The dried brownish ones underneath the trees have the scent, too - pick'em and save'em!

I would like to thank and congratulate you for this unique site. I have been going from one place to another for more than an hour enjoying it. In the USA generally speaking, gardening, herbs are not taken so seriously. I have critical view on horticulture,its trends and try to read, investigate not only on things growing in the tropics, but the vegetation in template climates. In brief, one should create a garden with plants that will survive without much pampering in the chosen surroundings and microclimates.

Find out how to identify real Cinnamon from Cassia. As we in the US buy Cassia thinking that we are buying Cinnamon.


Your views ?

That's the third time you've tried to get that link onto my site. Be a good chap and do piss off.

As to telling real cinnamon from cassia cinnamon, I've done that here.