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Dinky roots.

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Valerians have such small roots it's a wonder the plants stay upright.

Unfortunately, the two largish valerians (Valeriana officinalis) that grow in my garden which were due to be pulled up were growing in grass, and thus left their roots in the ground. (... no biggie, it's a weed, self-seeding all over the place.)

And somebody's made off with my spade.

So no pics of dinky little roots under enormous plants this time around, sorry. Just a pic of dinky little roots under a smallish valerian plant.

Photo: Valeriana officinalis 5. Pic: Valerian root, just dug up.


wow! they are small, for such a large plant!!

i dug up some elecampane on a farm in vermont last week....that is one monstruous root! at least as big as my head....

a deep inhalation of fresh, or very recently dried valerian root has a strong floral aroma that'll open & clear the sinuses (unless they're really plugged up...). When they dry out, they look like little spiders, don't they?

Darcey: yep, elecampane roots are enormous. Have you tasted it fresh? Now that's a thing to write about...

Jim: I'll give the fresh root another sniff; dried valerian root smells really bad to me. That smell is so strong that it can give headaches, and it seems that both root and smell only get stronger as time goes by, in that glass jar. Tiddly dark-grey longish lumps, is my view of the dried root.

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