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On drying clovers.

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Red clover flowers take a looong time to dry.

Red clover flowers dry extremely slowly, as the flowers are long tubes with a drop of nectar at the bottom.

My rule of thumb is, dry'em three times longer than other herbs, either spread out on sheets on newspapers or in the dehydrator.

And, like all plants which contain coumarins: if you dry them so slowly that they ferment while drying, you'll get the blood-thinning dicoumarol. Dry them fast and hot and that blood thinning is not a problem.
I pick'em two flowers + the leaf attached to those; at peak picking time (mid-July, over here) they come with two flowers on one branching.

And I crush them up when dried, cos after that, what would have fit into a 3-liter jar (as whole flowers) will go easily into a 1-liter jar.