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Somebody said, on one or the other herbalist mailing list, that fasting for 2 weeks would reduce fibroids by 70-80 %.

Now, I've been listening to Paul Bergner's "Insulin Resistance" CD set for the last few days, and it's absolutely fascinating. It's available for purchase here.

Paul says that fibroids grow with insulin levels:

Insulin raises igf-1 (insulin growth factor 1): you get fibroids, cancers, tumors - and very long youths (abnormal bone growth), among other things.
That same igf-1 totally shuts off production of growth hormone: you get flabby and your muscle mass disappears (and you get low thyroid, and obese, and you're more prone to inflammation, heart attacks, strokes, etc. etc.).

Get rid of the underlying insulin resistance (= syndrome x = metabolic syndrome) and you'll see those same successes with fibroids. AND you'll get rid of a host of other intractable chronic annoyances at the same time.

As to fasting - I wouldn't fast for two weeks. See, when you start doing loads of simple carbs again, well hello - here's your fibroids again.

A longer-lasting solution is a low-carb diet; it's easy-ish to implement if you do your own cooking.
Also add exercise: walking 2-3 x 10 minutes every day + 2 minute spurts of pushups, situps, etc. 2-3 times a day.
Of supplements, add megadoses of chromium (or liver) and magnesium, give zinc, B6, fish oils ...

And read the rest of the syndrome x posts on this blog. Or don't - your choice.


Insulin is fascinatingly insidious, isn't it?

Have you had a chance to check out Gary Taubes new book yet? (I think it's called "The Diet Delusion" in the British version. I won't even mention the American title, because I find it irritating.)

I've just gotten it and it's bit dense but I can't put it down -- all the history of the weird science behind the fat/carbohydrate controversies. A lot of interesting science about insulin of course. I'd love to recommend it to my clients, but I'm afraid most wouldn't read it -- too technical.

Sounds good, I'll have to get it.


Very informative posts re insulin, and also your syndrome x that I had never read before. I have one more question, how does your body react to chewing gum? Will that affect your insulin...sugar-free gum or regular gum?

Just would be hard on your body to have to "work" the whole time you're chewing gum. Some people chew it all day long.

Thanks for your time.


Your digestion juices up when you chew. That means that, if you chew all the time, you won't have the digestive fluids you need when you finally actually eat something. Not a good idea, is chewing gum.

Henriette, your site is simply marvelous. Thankyou for makign this available to us all to learn from.