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Field week: picking things

It's easy to pick lots of herbs when you have a couple dozen hands.

I'm teaching a week in the field in the countryside.

So today (as I write this) (yesterday, as you read this), we picked a basketful of flowering St. John's wort tops (Hypericum perforatum and possibly other species of Hypericum), a basketful (or more) of pineapple weed (Matricaria matricarioides), a basketful of various potentillas (Potentilla anserina, Potentilla argentea), and a basketful of nettles in seed (Urtica dioica), and then we picked all the flowers off a couple large musk mallows (Malva moschata) and all the rugosa roses (Rosa rugosa) we could find.

And processed the lot into oils, tinctures and to-be-dried herbs.

All in one afternoon.

I'll post pics of the baskets o'herbs later on, they were gorgeous.

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