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The first flower.

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Spring is two weeks later than last year, but then spring was two weeks early last year.

Photo: Hepatica transsylvanica 2. Here, then, is the very first flower of spring 2006.

It's a Hepatica transsylvanica 'Alba', and nothing, that is, nothing else is in flower, anywhere I've been so far. (Oh alright, the alders (Alnus spp.) are flowering, but they don't count cos they're trees, and very much less than showy.) There's nothing at all in my garden, nothing elsewhere, no yellow dots that'd tell of coltsfoot flowers, nada. So I took a tour of the botanical garden while downtown today (as I write this - yesterday, as you read this). And found nothing in flower, except for this hardy little liverwort.

I'm not surprised, seeing that it was snowing again today ... but spring is arriving, finally. Whee!


In my little section of Upstate New York the Coltsfoot were the first to bloom...:) For the last few days the sides of the roads have been festooned with the little yellow flowers...:) It's like a breath of fresh air after a long stuffy winter...:)


Aye, the coltsfeet are nice after winter.