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Flower oracle

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So the oxeye daisy is in flower.

And that's the one that's been used to check for lovers' interest through the ages.

The Germans have a nice little ditty on the topic. It goes:

Er liebt mich
von Herzen
mit Schmerzen
über alle Massen
kann's gar nicht lassen
klein wenig
fast gar nicht
überhaupt nicht.

Translated, that means:

he loves me
very much
painfully so
more than everything
a teensy bit
not at all.

That's 6/8, if we count "a teensy bit" as a positive, too. Much better than the ½ chance you get with "loves me, loves me not".

So go find an oxeye daisy or a bellis and try it out for yourself. Who knows, he/she might even turn out to love you!