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The back garden will be very pretty this year.

And I ripped out everything from the front garden (just a few boring bushes), and put in herbs. That'll be gorgeous next year, too.

So, the back garden: it's very lush, but not quite in flower yet (as I write this).
There's Liliums (lots, and three different kinds), there's a garden angelica, there's evening primroses, and echinaceas, and peonies, and those pretty blue eryngiums (two kinds), and there's chelones (two kinds), and true mints, and mountain mints, and monardas, and elecampane, and acorus, and tarragon, and three tomatoes, and teasel, and hollyhock (which will flower this year), a verbena (wonder what happened to the rest of them?), and eschscholzia, and two different rhodiolas, and irises, and a few yellow gentians (gorgeous in flower!), and licorice (if it survived), and lovage, and black currant, and lots and lots more.

The front garden has mallows, and calendula, and chicory (I couldn't resist), and leuzea, and milk thistle, and hyssop, and carrot, and teasel, and hollyhock (will flower next year), and eschscholzia, and pulsatillas, and two sweet cherry trees (dunno if they'll survive -- or give fruit), and a pear tree (dunno if that one will survive, either), and an old plum tree (which will get watered this year, what with me buying new watering things for the front garden early this spring) (it would've given lots of fruit last year, but alas, it was a very dry year), and lots and lots more.

At my old garden a neighbor told me, years after I'd planted things that she never knew that herb gardens could be so, well, pretty. I'm aiming to surprise the current neighbors as well. It might be a tad harder to do, cos the gardening outfit they sometimes use told them that I'm a guru.



I would love to see some pictures! Sounds wonderful!

I'll take a few pics once things are in flower, in another week or so.

That sounds wonderful - and I vote for some photos too.