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So I wanted to see a witch hazel in flower...

They grow witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) in the botanical garden, downtown. We've had freezing, -15 C or so nights for the last week or three, and sunny, -5 C or so days. I thought I was plenty early when I went to have a look-see at the hamamelis a week or two ago.


Photo: Hamamelis virginiana 4. Pic: Here's the hamamelis.

You tell me: is that a flowering branch that's completely over the hill, or is it one that's in full flower but unfortunately severely frostbitten?
I'll have to check things in January, next year.

Here's the botanical garden.Pic: Here's the botanical garden.

That's deep snow. Were I to brave that nice soft-looking blanket I'd need hip-high boots. Or at least boots that go over my knees ... I know, cos I jumped into a similar blanket of snow right next to where I live. I took the carpets out, too, and jumped up and down on them, to give them a good cleaning.

That was 2 weeks ago, give or take a day. Today it's closer to 0 C, and we've had snowmelt. Nothing major yet, but they've promised +10 C over easter. That might mean major snowmelt. As in, no snow left after easter. As in, spring is coming. If so it's a teensy bit too early: spring is due in mid- to late April, not in March.

We'll see.


What a difference a day makes....:)

Yesterday morning it really looked like spring here in Upstate New York - After 4 or 5 day in the high 30's low 40's (F) the snow had melted so that I could see bare ground over my entire lot. The Plantain was green and staring to lift it's leaves out of the press of flattened lawn, and the Dandelions were looking very happy indeed. Then, last night while my back was turned it dropped 4 stinking inches of snow on my rapidly becoming "green wonderland"...:( God I'm tired of winter!!!

Sorry for the rant but I just had to vent...:)


Yep, that's the Hamemelis in bloom. It looks a little bit frostbit, but that's the general aspect of the flowers. They don't need to be very big or attractive, you know, since they are the only thing with guts enough to bloom in the winter. I heard it was something evolutionary about attracting flies when there was nothing else to eat....something like that.

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