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Zoe sent me a 2007 Calendar, and it's lovely.

About a year and a half ago, Zoe Hawes (waves) emailed to ask if I was interested in writing one or the other short herbal blurb for a herbal journal she was working on.

At that time, I was sort of kind of insanely busy, so I said "sorry no, but good luck!".

A year later, she asked again, for the 2008 edition. Again, I was rather too busy ... that has something to do with me being off teaching for at least two weeks, sometimes three (or even more), at the end of August / beginning of September. Ask in, oh, December, and you might get lucky ...

Anyway, the 2007 journal was pretty much sold out, and she tells me she got very few returns ... but she got returns. And sent one to me.

It's a lovely calendar with weekly pages, with a photo or drawing of a herb for each week, and a few extras thrown in for good measure, and with two completely blank (but lined) pages for the summer solstice notes, and a poem or three ... it's absolutely charming. Thanks Zoe!

It's "Herbal Journal: herbs, healing and folkways. 2007 Calendar, by Zoê Hawes and friends." I have her URL somewhere .. ah yes, here.

On another note: sorry for the lack of updates lately: my PC crashed repeatedly, but it took me a while to believe that yep, it's a goner. I've moved to the laptop now.
And I was tearing my hair out at a few problems with drupal, a content management system (details in the comments a few posts down). The utf8 problem is fixed, clean URLs aren't - yet.
And the site was down for many hours yesterday, but I had nothing to do with that.