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Herbal mailing lists

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I'm on three email mailing lists for herbal medicine.

And it seems that people (like, the UK herbal practitioners I met a few weeks ago) don't even know the medicinal herblist.

It's the oldest email mailing list for herbal medicine, and it's open to all and sundry. It is also, in my considered opinion, the best herbal medicine list out there -- that is, if you're a western herbal practitioner.

Here's the URL.

Seeing that it is a rather busy list (400+ messages in August), and seeing that there's a lot of impatient old-timers (me included) among the hundreds of members, there's a need for clear posting rules.

I've been running this list for years, and I keep it clean of spam, ads, trolls, and garden party gossip.


Members of Herbal Hall are unfortunately more active in the posturing and "watch me fluff up my pretty garishly colored chest feathers" department than in the down-to-earth herbal medicine and medicinal herbs department. It's still a worthwhile list, but it's invitation only, and no, I can't get you an invitation.


Members of the UKherbal -list are all either European-trained practising herbalists (MNIMH...) or European practising herbalists. Posts can be very good, but quoting practises are appalling ... I might be tempted to do something about that, but can't, as long as it's on yahoo: there's no single member moderation, it's moderate everybody or nobody. (Hey TA, ask the yahoo groups folks to do something about that? ... ta!)

Yep, I'm a moderator. Yep, I can get you on there, but only if you're an actual live herbal practitioner who either lives and practises in Europe or who's outside of Europe but a MNIMH or similar.


> Herbal Hall's... invitation only, and no, I can’t get you an invitation.

Fiddlesticks... that's probably the second time (well, nonspecifically this time) I've been told "sorry" on that one... of well... eventually I'll figure out who the right person to pester for that is...

Curious, though, what ~is~ up with the actual website? Is that no longer connected to the herbal hall?

Ask Matt Wood to get you on. If I understand things right he knows you in person.

As to, the owner of the domain (Rob B.) started herbal hall (the mailing list) with a few others. He has had trouble with his web host(s) for years; I expect that blame can be laid on both sides. has been a ruin for years, which is why I haven't linked to it for years. You'll find that only those who don't check for link rot still link to herbal hall, the website.

Dunno if Rob is involved in the mailing list anymore; I expect not.