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Herbs for sorrow.

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Herbs to help with sorrow.

I have been remiss. I've thought that posting about the earthquake / tsunami in this blog wouldn't help a soul, but yesterday evening I got a phone call: could you write to our glossy (which actually should be in print already) about herbs for sorrow?

Of course I can - why haven't I thought of this myself?

Herbs can help with the sudden loss of a near and dear one. They help with sorrow. They can help you sleep, with is very important to help you cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Important herbs are milky oats (Avena), passionflower (Passiflora), St. John's wort (SJW) (Hypericum), and hawthorn (Crataegus). For sleeplessness I'd also use California poppy (Eschscholzia).

Milky oats is the single best herb for sudden loss, be it from the tsunamis in Asia or from cancer in somebody close to you. I recommend it both for those who are directly affected by the loss and sorrow and for those who stand beside them, frustrated by their sheer helplessness.

Passionflower is an excellent herb for exhaustion, overtiredness, and overstressed sleeplessness. It's very good if you can't sleep because your thoughts just don't stop chasing each other around in your head.

St. John's wort helps with the depression brought on by sorrow. Far too often this is classed as real depression and treated with drugs. Give your sorrow room, live through it, don't slam it - you'll have to live through it later on if you take it out with medicines now.
SJW doesn't fog up your mind, it just brings a little sun into a darkened life. It starts to work after a few week's regular use (those close to you will see a change after a few days - you won't, though, so take milky oats, too) and you can use it for a long time. When you feel you're again strong enough to try without SJW you can slowly stop using it without problems.
SJW should not be used with depression meds as it can make their side effects stronger.

Hawthorn brings courage, and gladness to the heart - it, too, can be used for sorrows. Perhaps this is what the trees beckoned for?

I've used California poppy in the same kind of sleeplessness that I've outlined for passionflower above. It works nicely with both milky oats and SJW, and neither passionflower nor California poppy will stop moms from waking up - you'll hear if your child cries, now go get some sleep.

Give these herbs to your child, too, she might need them as much as you do. Dose by weight; dosage on labels is for adults, about 70 kg (150 lbs) - if your kid is 35 kg use half the dose you take, and dilute the tinctures in a glass of water.

Herbs for sleeplessness should be used as tinctures, because you can keep those ready at hand beside the bed.

My condolences to all affected by the earthquake and tsunami.


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Crateagus certainly used to be used for dysentary, might it also be useful in cholera ?

There is an indigenous asian variety.