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Interesting emails.

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A few interesting inbox emails.

Here's a couple gems culled from the inbox chaff:

  • Zaldz tells me: "Caesalpinia sappan, known as Sibukaw Tree, treats hepatitis problems. It also includes diabetes."

Which is nice to know if you live where the sappan grows.

  • Martha Oakes tells me, about gum acacia (Acacia senegal): "We use it, as I've learned from Ayurvedic training, to help knit tendons and ligaments back together. Was hoping to find more info, only searched Kings so far. Prep is to gently roast as it expands and becomes non-sticky, more brittle/crispy . Grind and add with almond, spices, succanat, coconut, etc. Yummy, our client's favorite recipe (compex to make). Thought you might like to see this and if you know any other uses, please tell/sources? Thanks! martha"

Thank you, Martha. Feel free to comment, guys.

  • Tina Phillips writes: "My son has been having migraines since he was two. Now he gets them a little more often, but are still controlable. A friend told me about a dentist in Washington that takes ice cubes and puts them on the back molars at the bottom of his mouth. Then holds them there by closing his mouth, and continues to repeat till the migraine is gone. I recently have done this with my child of 14 and the migraine was gone in ten minutes. If you do it at the onset of one it really works."

Thanks for that, Tina.

Do send me more of this sort of email, kids. I like'em rather more than I do the ones which end up in my inbox rants.


with regards to sibukaw tree, it grow near our city and is sold by local streetside herbalist as a remedy to build blood. a decoction of the wood pieces are used. my friend told me that it cured a filipino doctor who came home from the u.s. because he was dying of cancer.

There are trees in the Philippines useful in treating cancer.
Research just needs to be done.