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Journal: Medical Herbalism

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Woohoo, the newest issue is here!

The latest number of Medical Herbalism (Vol. 14, No. 2, Fall 2004) focuses on Immunity and the TH1/TH2 balance - lessee, that's a 7 page article. Lovely, gotta read that right away. Thanks Paul!

The other main article is on West Nile Virus, of rather remote interest to me up here on the other side of the globe, but certainly of value to 'mercans.

"Medical Herbalism" is the journal for the practising herbalist. The main articles are always worthwhile. It's not a thick journal, which makes it all the better for the busy practitioner - this is thin enough to actually get read, mostly.


And no, this was not a paid advertisement; I simply like this journal, lots.


Are you talking about the one via email? Only I signed up for it ages ago but have never received anything. I must be doing something wrong (as usual). Now I know what I'm missing I'll try again...

No, I mean the print journal, that comes by mail 2-3 times a year. Very good, it is.