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The last flower.

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Mmmmm, juicy wintery pics.

Now winter is here. Mind, it can still all go away before xmas, but we had a nice blurry flurry bit of snow on Saturday (10+ cm). Unfortunately, the temperature dropped to -10 C, which held through Sunday, so no snowmen: cold weather means powdery snow that you can't build a thing with. The sun was shining, though, so was simply gorgeous outside. And I went for a stroll with my digicam.

It was -15 C Monday morning. Brrr. I set my taps to drip water, so the pipes wouldn't freeze.

Gotta love that digicam, by the way, it's fabulous. A Canon Eos 300D, in case anybody is wondering.

Photo: Ratibida pinnata 8. Pic: This year's last flower.
This was all bent down under the snow, but I pulled it up. It's a nice Ratidiba pinnata, and it kept growing and flowering after even the colchicums gave up -- but now it's gone, deep frozen, finally passé. I salute it for its sheer endurance, but I don't think it had time to mature any seeds.

Pic: Have a seat.
Want a bit of a rest after your long long stroll? This looks nice, and while it's quite fluffy it'll all compress if you sit down, and then it'll be cold.

Photo: Fraxinus excelsior 16. Pic: Fraxinus seed, snowcovered now.
Remember the ash tree that dropped its leaves? Here's the Fraxinus seed again, still hanging on.

Pic: Funny tracks sample.
This is a short-short sample (only one loop, and only 2 zig-zags) of one of my winter favorites: making funny tracks in the snow. Long ago, back in the years when I worked 9-5, I used to cross a largish field every morning. I'm practical, and have very nice flat-soled warm winter boots. After each new snow I'd go in all sorts of directions, making zig-zags, bunnyjumps, loops and similar sillinesses. Most office folks wouldn't have proper winter boots in winter; they'd use their usual low shoes, snow or no snow. So they'd more or less have to follow my tracks (it's either that or get snow in your shoes). In the evenings it was nice to see how many people had followed me all the way, loops and all.

And of course I'd start off all straight'n'all, so they'd follow me across the field, instead of taking the road around it... teehee.


I like your site and your new blog very much. I have learned so much about herbs here, from you and the other knowledgable and professional herbalists that you host, and I appreciate all the time and work that it must involve to do this, simply to share your knowledge to help others to be healthier.
Thank you very much for that!

; ) Thanks!