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Lily tincture.

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It's a drop dose tincture.

Photo: Lilium martagon 4.Pic: White martagon lily.
I have a few martagon lilies (Lilium martagon) growing in my garden: a few whites and some of the more normal dark pink ones.

And I use the fresh flower tincture in drop doses for some (but not all) bad uterine cramps. King's puts things rather nicely, but he used just tiger lily; I use pretty much any lily I can lay my hands on.

It's a 1:2 95 % tincture, and it's fresh flower only. The pollen is tenacious and will color clothes, in particular the white t-shirts that are the rule in the current summer heat (... a week or two ago, as you read this), bright bright yellow. I haven't found out yet if the color will disappear in a washing machine or not, though.

This tincture works. And my fingers have a very nice scent, but on checking (lily? scented? whu?) it must have been something other than the lily flowers.