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Main site update.

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Finished up the US Dispensatory on my main site.

I just uploaded the last pages of the US Dispensatory; that's 68 new plant and 16 new preparation pages.

With that update comes a plant name database update: about 550 more latin names (including about 130 synonyms), about 180 more URLs, about 1200 more common names, and a few corrections.

So the USDisp is finally all done now. It was tedious work, as the editor(s) were very disparaging about herbs and their uses.

And nevermind what the plant name search page says, the search has been returning more than half of the URLs in the classic texts section of my site since December 2004.


Next up, about 800 new plant pics and the weeding out of about 200 low-quality plant pics. Later this week, I think. I'm also contemplating the removal of the "misc" and "unknown" pics sections on my site, and an incorporating of the fungi into the main pics section.