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Yesterday, I got an email from dreamhost that a couple thousand (of their hundreds of thousands) of accounts had been cracked, they're looking into it, the criminal had used scripts to modify .html pages, that less than 20 % of the cracked accounts had been touched -- and that mine was one of the cracked accounts.

So I went hunting, to see if I was in those 20 %. And I found a suspicious file among my ftp files.

So. I changed my various passwords, did a 24 hour upload (my site is big) of all the ftp files and all of my main site files, did a quick "move old to bad, move new to old", checked that things work, did a "remove bad", and things are all hunky dory again.

Or, while they should be, one or the other glitch might have turned up. Please let me know if you find one - I'll fix it asap. Thanks!


Got that same message and did a find to look for anything modified in the past week. Fortunately, nothing for me. (guess that's what I get for having a site nobody cares about.)

A find of recent changes ... now that's smart. I used gftp to contrast and compare a couple online directories against my local set, and bingo ...