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Nettle latte.

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Now why didn't I think of that?

On the herblist last week: there was this thread about stopping the coffee habit, and Michelle posted about nettle latte.

Very nice, it is. She just added milk and honey to nettle tea; I prefer things less sweet so I added milk and a couple cardamom seeds to nettle tea.

Or like Rose said onlist: downright decadent!

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Hehe, I tried the same thing with a bunch of others. This is with the Susun Weed-style 1-oz-herb to 1-quart overnight infusion, btw.

My verdicts (verdicta?)
Oatstraw: save your milk, it kills the pleasant taste
Nettle: also a yum from me
Mullein: still tastes like a BBQ to me, even when thinned out quite a bit
Red Raspberry: effect much like normal tea; quite pleasant

No, I did not brew up a full quart of each of these...I have these teeny little canning jars and I measured stuff out with a teaspoon.

Oh hey, how much rosehip do you usually put in your coloured water? I used a 125-ml cupful of dry rosehips to 1 L water this time and got deep orange-red and plenty of tang after a few minutes of simmering. Yummy, but man, that's a lot of rosehip processing for a litre of beverage. They were cut small, so it was a fairly dense cupful.

oh goodie- I am so glad more people are trying this- everyone I have served it too says "yum" for sure.
Raspberry leaf is good, too, and nice if you want to curb the astringency.

Thanks, I'll try the "jar overnight" thing, both with the suggested herbs and with a few others, like red clover, cleavers, Glechoma and so on.
The usual for rosehip tea is 1 teaspoon to 2 dl water. I'll try your 1:8 tea, too, next time I have rosehips.