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The peppermints.

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Yep, that one is peppermint. This one -- isn't.

Photo: Mentha canadensis 4. Pic: Japanese peppermint and peppermint, not necessarily in that order.

One of these is peppermint (the real thing, Mentha x piperita, and the strongest of the lot: 'Mitcham'.) The other is Japanese peppermint, or Canadian peppermint (Mentha canadensis), or whatever it's called this week.

Now, which is which? You're allowed to cheat by looking at the ibiblio URLs, but only after you've tried an educated guess.

The taste? One is heavenly, the other is reminiscent of corn mint (Mentha arvensis): too much pulegone ... Japanese peppermint is/was considered a subspecies of that, once, or still, depending on whom you ask.

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(Without checking the ibiblio URLs) I'd say the Real Peppermint is on the left and the pretender is on the right.