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Photos from Norway.

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Mmmm. Fjords and mountains and mirrored lakes and boats ...

... lovely pics. We were in the city of Bodoe and a few hours' drive south of there. Here, have a look for yourself:

Pic: Lovely mirrored mountains. This photo was taken from a bus, so the foreground is blurred, but my oh my, that's an amazing view.

Pic: Getting close to the Svartisen glacier. Gorgeous light, and that's not as small as it looks ...

Pic: ... see? Somebody's going in there. Not too far, as things aren't all that stable, underneath a glacier. (You can see their elbow, right next to the "blog" in "Henriette's herbal blog".)

Pic: The tide is low, and you'll need that inbuilt ladder to get down to your boat. Pretty boat, too. The ladder is built into the small boats' harbor in the city of Bodö.

Pic: Very pretty Norwegian rowboats in the small boat harbor at Bodö. I quite like the mirror effect, too.

Pic: Three Norwegian rowboats in a row, in three different sizes.


Kauniita kuvia! Terveisiä Songasta!


The boats in the pucture, featuring three rowboats. Each boat is a Jekt, a avery old boat type used in northern Norway. My grandfather owned the large version. Jekts also come in larger sizes that were used for fishing and had sails.

Thanks for that!