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Practical herbs: short-short reviews.

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A small collection of heart-warming comments on the new book, "Practical Herbs":

  • "I keep peeking at your book even though i should be working!"
  • "Even more than it being in english, its a rare and wonderful opportunity to see henriette giving out recipes in ounces and cups. Nice."
  • "I like it alot! The little observations of your experiences are priceless as ever. Lovely job. Looking forward to reading more."
  • "I've never seen lovelier photos in any herbal. Each one is a jewel. ... I am sure this will be one herbal that brings true joy to the reader on every plant."
  • "there goes everything I'm supposed to do today..."
  • Jim McDonald, full blurb:
    "This new book offers exactly what the title implies: practical information on using many of our most common and efficacious herbs, information rooted in tradition & confirmed by first hand experience... nothing here feels passed along from third hand or unverified sources. Henriette covers all the things we want to know plus a number of uses and insights given limited or no attention in many other herb books; all in a concise format that doesn't leave out important considerations such as underlying nutrition & lifestyle issues. It is, all in all, the best kind of book: one that you can trust, and that you'll learn cool new stuff from."
  • "By the way--this really is a beautiful book. Congratulations."
  • "A spectacular book and I love your conversational style of writing."
  • Kiva Rose, full blurb:
    "Henriette's genius lies in her ability to make the most complex and advanced information simple and to the point, and thus accessible to every level of herbalist. The recipes, information and insights included in Practical Herbs are woven together in such a way as to make an excellent foundational book for the beginner as well as a refreshing overview and common sense guide for the more advanced practitioner. I’ll definitely be recommending this book to all my students!"
  • "I really enjoyed "flicking through" the pdf! It has revived my passion for medicine making! Well done, it is brilliant. I love the photos too."