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Quick herbal bread-spread

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Yummy fast bread-spreads with herbs.

I like to make a
Quick herbal bread spread
200 ml sourcream (200 ml is the standard size for our local sourcream)
1-2 tblsp chopped-up fresh herb
1/4 tsp salt

Mix, serve on toast. Yum!


There's also a
Less quick vegan herbal (or spicy) bread spread
Boil your favorite legume (lens, chickpea, bean (I like pinto), etc.) with a lot of onions, some oil and some salt (and tomatoes, if you like) until soft, blend, let excess water drip off, add herbs or spices, serve on bread. Yum!


Herbs to use: I'm quite fond of caraway leaf, or parsley, or lovage leaf, or black currant leaf. I like herb mixes, too, but it's not summer now and my garden is all frozen and white, so I'll save those for another day.


Pic: Different bread-spreads.
The easy bread spread can be made with other milk products, too. I've tried these:

  • smetana (Russian sourcream), 42 % fat - it's very very good, but you get tired of it very very fast.
  • creme fraiche (French sourcream), 28 % fat - very good, but more fattening than the cheaper alternative, and not in all food stores.
  • creme fraiche, low-lactose, 15 % fat - why bother? It's as expensive as the full-fat one, and not as good.
  • sourcream (kermaviili), 12 % fat, available in all the shops over here. Easy, fast, not all that fattening.
  • diet sourcream (kevytkermaviili), 3.5 % fat, but what's the point?
  • plain yogurt, 6 % fat, too runny so let the excess liquid drip through a coffee filter for a couple hours. It's not very good, so don't bother.
  • quark, 0.4 % fat (German quark contains loads of fat, and is much tastier - ours are all lowfat, so taste ghastly); for this to be a good breadspread you need to add cream, oil, or sugar - or all of them, and sourcream is easier and still tastier.
  • cottage cheese, 2 % fat. There's two kinds, and the larger-grained one needs a swirl in the blender first. Add a bit of oil (or cream) when you use this, in this recipe, and it's very tasty.

I'm sure there's others, but sourcream is easiest, you don't get tired of it, and it's tasty, too. So that's what I usually make.