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Rose deodorant.

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Powdered herb deodorants are really easy.

Herb deodorant powder
150 g potato or corn starch
25 g dried powdered herb (lavender, rose, peppermint, sage, thyme...)
25 g soda
15 * 15 or 20 * 20 cm sheets of cheesecloth or similar

Photo: Deodorant powder 1. Pic: Rose deodorant powder bags in the making. These are made with powdered-up dried rosebuds. Mmmm, nice scent!

Mix the powders. Put 1-2 tablespoons on cheesecloth, take corners, use twine to make a tiny bag.

Photo: Deodorant powder 2.For gifts and for transporting these bags you need something that won't let powder through each time it's moved. I've cut up flower-themed old bedsheets, but I've also used small plastic baggies (... sooner or later we all run out of flower-themed old bed sheets). The 20 * 20 cm (or so) bits of bed sheet can be folded up around the cheesecloth bags, or they can be made into small baggies, too, using twine.

Using herbal deodorant powders: you'll have white stains wherever you use them, but if that doesn't faze you: they work a treat.

I used to sew up the baggies, but why bother? These are quick'n'easy to do and work as well.