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Blog party post: sexy herbs.

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So it's blog party time over at Sean's. And he's chosen "Herbs for Sexual Health and Vitality" as a topic.

Once upon a time, two ladies who were very good friends met. And one of them complained: "I don't know what to do anymore. He wants to have sex almost every night, and I'm just bone tired of an evening, after taking care of the kids, the laundry, the cleaning, the dishes, and the cooking."

The other said: "Hmmm, yes. What if you asked him to do the laundry, kids, cooking and cleaning up for a week or two?"

And they talked about other things after that, and went their merry ways, one of them rather more tired than the other.

And a few weeks later, they met again, and the friend asked: "So, did you suggest to him that you might be more interested in sex if he helped a bit with the household chores?"

And the other replied: "Oh, yes, that was a great idea, I haven't felt this refreshed in ages. The only problem is, he's too tired for sex, these nights ..."

(I have no idea where I've picked up that joke - but it's a very good one.)

So don't try to do herbs for libido if you haven't fixed the fundamentals: get enough rest, check your stress levels and do something about those if needed, eat good varied food regularly, and so on. Then perhaps add a few minerals and vitamins and your libido will jump right back to where it's at its most comfortable.

Now, if you get enough sleep, you don't overdo things at work or at home, you have a varied and good diet, then I'll tell you about a few herbs.

One of them is, dried nettle seeds (Urtica dioica). It'll bring spring to the steps of old horses, it'll do the same to the elderly, and it'll do the same to you. Take a pinch or so a day if you're generally sensitive to herbs, take a tablespoon a day if you're more robust.

Another is, lovage. It's one of the umbelliferous plants, and a few others are used to enhance pelvic blood supply, too:

Like, celeriac. There's a kiddy song in Germany: "Fritzchen freu dich, Fritzchen freu dich, morgen gibt's Selleriesalat" - Fritz be happy, tomorrow you'll get a celeriac salad. Tee hee yes.

Of the more exotic ones, the more expensive the better: saffron, cardamom and cinnamon have been used - among others.

And of course, roses and theobroma (... chocolates) almost always work.


I adored the entry! Your writing style is quick and clever and the tidbits and stories always make me want to read more. I'm giggling over Celeriac.
I'd love to cite your rose petal vinegar recipe in an article I'm having published for June's Natural Nutmeg magazine.... my deadline is saturday May 1st, so if I don't hear from you in time, I'll wait to post it to my blog if you'd like the link.
Lady, I like your style!!
Warm Blessings,


Using the vinegar recipe: sure, feel free! The lids to our jars are usually covered inside, but if your lids are plain metal inside, it's a good idea to protect that - with plastic or whatever. Vinegar + iron = rust.