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Site revamp

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I've been busy with a major site revamp ...

... go give the new setup a good test run.

Have fun!

A few things fixed:
- the article links should work now
- the rhod link should work now
- users got mixed up, cos I didn't update the bloody sequence table (grmbl mumbl why make things easy when you can make them complicated? Why the %/"##¤"# did they have to put absolute must-be-online things into the same table with things which absolutely must be off-site, if you work the way you should, and update things off-site? "#"¤"!##%&!!! ... I'm a tad upset about that fsckup, can you tell?)
- the ancient versions of the homepage now show those ancient versions
- a few other minor fixes, mainly in the classic texts: journals (but they're not online yet either, sorry).

I'll post more updates as I find errors ("page not found" and similar) in the logs.

(Oh, if you signed on earlier: oops. It turns out that you can't just mysqldump the whole database and mysql import it on the live site, not if you want to preserve your old users. My bad... please sign on again, that won't happen again.)