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Even more old texts.

All of vol. 1 of Ellingwood's 1910 "Practice of Medicine" is now up, along with the first few bits of Vol. 2.

I also added an olde Finnish picker's guide, "Ohjeita Lääkekasvien Viljelemiseen Suomessa", and the first bits of another olde Finnish herbal, Suomen Myrkylliset ja Lääkekasvit, by Cantell and Saarnio, 1936.

(I did a trawl of local university libraries a bit before xmas, and found half a dozen smallish olde texts in Finnish and Swedish - most of them are picker's guides (grow and pick herbs for our local pharmacies! Make Money Fast, in your Spare Time, on your Spare Plot! and similar), but there was one or the other more interesting work, as well.)

And I reorganized the olde text menu (in the sidebar).