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This update brings all of the old photos to the new setup ...

Pics: So I've had all my slides rescanned, and I've moved perhaps a couple hundred of them to the new setup with every picture update. Which usually included lots of new pics as well.

And I still had about 4000 photos in the old setup. However, it's tedious to go through the new scans (although there's a lot of nice photos in there); it was starting to look as if it'd take years to move all those pics to the new setup.

And I have a deadline looming, elsewhere.

So I said "blow that for a lark", and added all the old pics to the new setup, in one go. That's the "old " scans, so the scanning quality isn't all that good (which is why I had them rescanned in the first place. Shrug.). Then I ditched the old setup. All photos are now here.

And that means there's very very very very little of the old layout still on my site. Lovely, no?

Olde tomes: Of the classic texts, there's new bits in Scudder's 1898 Materia Medica, there's new bits in Ellingwood's Practice of Medicine, there's new bits in Pereira, and there's new bits in Sturtevant.