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Site update: Boericke

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I've deleted the 1.1 MB .pdf file and uploaded interlinked .html files.

So Boericke's tinctures are now available as single plant .html files. Remember kids, Boericke was a homeopath, and what those pages describe are homeopathic provings: symptoms of overdoses. If you have no idea what homeopathy is all about you're better off ignoring them altogether.

With that update comes a plant name database update: about 60 more latin names (including about 40 synonyms), about 300 more URLs, about 400 more common names, and a few corrections.

The plant-related blog posts are now up-to-date, too, in the database. Whee!


that so totally kicks ass.

I must say, I think if anyone is trying to "learn about an herb" one of the first steps after spending some time with the plant itself is to type the latin name into your sites search engine... between all the texts you've got, and the ease of cross referencing them, there could hardly be a better way to get a solid foundation of its principal applications.

Follow that up with a search at to get some history and folklore, maybe a rhyme and a few rrecipes, and then devour your bookshelves, the library, the bookstores (though, round here the bookstores carry far fewer titles than they used to...)

Mucho, mucho thanks, henriette, and to christopher & paul as well for scouring boericke in the first place...

Awww. Shucks.