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Site update: FTP

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The ibiblio admins asked if they can close my account and delete my directories, now that I've moved.

I said, sure, delete the database, but the FTP files are still on ibiblio.

They said, what? You can't have your main collection elsewhere and keep your FTP files with us.

I said OK, give me a day or two to fix things.

That was yesterday, late afternoon. I've been fixing things since then, complete with letting the upload run overnight, and I've put the finishing touches to things this morning.

It's not as if I wanted to leave ibiblio totally and completely: it's never a good idea to change a working setup.

Oh well, be that as it may, here's the announcement:

No more ftp files.

Sorry for the lack of a herbal blogpost this morning, but I've been otherwise occupied.