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I was away teaching all of last week, and am teaching all of this week, too.

So this blog will be slow for a while longer. Here's a few things I've planned to post about (but probably not this week):
- I'll continue the constituents series, never fear - just not quite yet,
- burnout: causes and what to do about it,
- astringency test: make a strong tea, slosh in cream, and check for a congealed ring a few hours later. We'll do rumex (yellow dock), ceanothus (red root) and rhodiola (rose root), among others,
- the importance of growth hormone in not getting all doughy, and how that is tied to your diet and your exercising patterns,
- other interesting tidbits about syndrome x, stress response, growth hormone, insulin growth factor, etc.,
- the rest of the easter egg photos, and a more detailed how-to for those,

among others.


ooh, i can't wait!
nifty about the insulin/growth hormone/blood glucose interest. right now a group of my colleagues and i are running experiments on blood glucose too. there's a lot to be learned from a glucometer! for anyone interested in "that stuff", i really recommend getting a glucometer (a good thermometer and a bloodpressure cuff are good too) and testing just like a diabetic. it's amazing what you find out!