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Sugared lovage stalks.

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The lovage was coming up, too, so I tried to candy the stalks.

Lovage (Levisticum officinale) doesn't have the penetrating taste of angelica, so I used the leaf, too. Or, well, yes, it is penetrating, but different from angelica.

It's easy to pick a handful of lovage leaf in spring, as the plant is perennial, and old plants make lots of new stems. The lovage is much smaller than the angelica right now. Come summer the reverse will be the case, with lovage topping 2 m easily, while the angelica will stay at or around 1 m, including flowerstalk.

For lovage leaf jam I used the angelica stem jam recipe, but used young lovage leaf instead of angelica leaf stems. Unfortunately, those lovage stems aren't all that tasty with lemon, and the sugar doesn't help any either. So I don't recommend making sugared lovage stems.

I'd try sugaring the stems of European sweet cicely (Myrrhis odorata), too, but honest, I can't stand the taste of anise, and the taste of sweet cicely is pure anise ... somebody who likes anise should experiment with that one.